Gender Parity UK

Gender Parity UK is an alliance of groups and individuals who are working towards gender parity in the UK.

We are all concerned with issues which disadvantage boys and men. We have brought these together in our Manifesto.

Participants meet to hear about, learn from and offer advice and support for other participants. Individuals may not endorse the activities of any of the other participants.

Participating individuals and groups.

Our projects

GPUK is involved in a number of projects which can be seen under the ‘Projects’ tab. These include:

  • Responding to the current Domestic Abuse Bill and its Guidance.
  • Dispelling myths which maintain the anti-male narrative.
  • Organising marches in UK cities.
  • Promoting a ‘Minister for Men’ to take responsibility for issues where men/boys are now at a disadvantage.


We meet online every week and share what they are doing, how we can learn from each other and where mutual help is available.