Anti-Woke Tories

This page give speeches by Tory MPs which are part of the push-back against the general ‘identity-politics’ narrative. Gender Parity UK sees their ‘gender parity’ work as part of this wider cultural movement.

Liz Truss: The new fight for fairness. 17 Dec 2020

Text of her speech

Copy on Conservative Woman

Michael Gove: Three point plan for tackling Wokeness

In an interview with Peter Robinson, Uncommon Knowledge “Remembering Roger Scruton”

Kemi Badenoch: Critical race theory

Part of a speech for ‘Black history month’ 2020, Commons debate. Badenoch is fiormly against teaching ‘my blackness as victimhood and their whiteness as oppression’.

Ben Bradley: Equalities Act debate 2020

In this Westminster Hall debate Ben asks why the Equalities Act does not seem to be being applied in the case of white, working-class boys and is usually seen as defending BAME, female of LGBT, whereas the protected characteristics are actually race, sex, sexuality etc.

Dominic Raab: “We must end feminist bigotry”

This one is 10 years old! “Men are getting a ‘raw deal’ despite tough equality legislation, Dominic Raab MP writes as he calls for an end to ‘feminist bigotry’.

Gareth Bacon: “indoctrination of children with anti-British propaganda”

Part of debate on Black History Month 2020.