MANifesto for an effective men’s movement.

Ten points to promote a message of positive masculinity that: MEN can embrace, FAMILIES benefit from, SOCIETY is crying out for, POLITICIANS can support, COURTS fully recognise and will benefit EVERYONE:

  1.  Striving for a world in which men are honoured and respected for the special contribution they make to family and society and where men aspire to live that special contribution.
  2.  Recognising that empowered, capable men who bring vision, action, wisdom and empathy to their families create a lasting legacy not just within their homes but within society as a whole.
  3.  Understanding that men have the right to equality in the criminal justice and family court system, and that this benefits children, women and society.
  4.  Addressing the role model crisis, where extreme ideology is pouring into a vacuum around men and boys. We seek to inspire a new generation of role models who demonstrate timeless male virtues to current and future generations.
  5.  Recognising that men are women’s best allies and women are men’s best allies. This is the basis upon which the human race is predicated and that the real adversary is the tiny minority seeking to pit men and women against one another in identity politics and a battle of the sexes.
  6.  Presenting information and advocacy in an honest and transparent fashion that is based on facts, evidence and expertise rather than ideology, conjecture and hysteria.
  7.  Seeking out partnerships with women’s groups who share our vision, recognising the benefit this has for women, children and society.
  8.  Encouraging men to speak out about double standards, inequality and situations where they feel gagged and marginalised because they are fearful of being shamed by critical ideology.
  9.  Empowering men to recognise that while masculinity as a whole has been vilified, our strength lies in our ability to overcome adversity and empower others to do the same.
  10.  Standing unapologetically for the special contribution men give to society, and working collectively to publicise this fact. Then equipping men with the tools, resources and encouragement to make their own special contribution.