Positive Masculine Activist

M Mature, positive masculine,I take the lead. I organise the meeting or action. I create the environment where others can join.  I am respectful of the contribution others bring.I get on with the task.  If I say I will do something, I do it. I don’t take on too much, I know my limits.  I channel my anger into effective action. I govern my emotions.I do research to understand the problem. I seek advice from those who know more.  I calm my mind so that insight can arise.  I test my ideas on others and am open to change.I really feel for those guys.  I feel invigorated when I can help.  I can feel my grief and can connect with the grief of others.  I can express my emotions and be vulnerable with others. I can enjoy the sunshine and being with friends and feel satisfied.
M+ Men behaving badlyI need to be in charge.  I know my ideas are best.  I am dismissive of other ideas.  Good ideas originated from me. You must recognise my leadership or I will get angry.I focus on the task to the exclusion of other things.  I have high standards which means it takes me longer than I had expected, but I don’t want to lower my standards.I generally know more than most people in the group so need to persuade them my ideas are best.  I sometimes keep information to myself so that other people don’t steal it.I am constantly seeking something new, gratification, but I am never satisfied. I despise men who show their feelings.
M- Men behaving weaklyI cannot lead.  I will do what others think.  I fail to act because I don’t know what to do.  I don’t ask for advice because I don’t want to show my weakness.I don’t tend to offer because I am very busy.  I intend to do the task, but am often too busy to actually complete it.  I have received help from other men, but don’t have the time to help others in return.I don’t know enough about things to really have a view.  I try looking stuff up, but it doesn’t make sense.  I wish I was clever.I am bored and listless.  I can’t be bothered.  Friends are not interesting. Everything seems dull.