To challenge the ideology. To make more people aware of the theories and how they impact modern life in the UK.

The problem

Post-modernism undermines the foundations of Western civilisationmy replacing the empirical (modernist) use of data, evidence, freedom of thought and speech etc

Comparison of Empirical and Post-Modernist assumptions and methods.

1 Evidence-based, ‘empirical’2 Post modernism
State the problemState the problem
Develop a hypothesis (suggested explanation)Create an explanation which blames racism and/or sexism.
Gather data or carry out experiments to test the hypothesis.Claim that ‘data’ is biased and that ‘lived experience’ is the real thing.
Reference other high-quality experiments etcReference people who agree with you
See whether the data proves the hypothesisShow that the data supports your theory. (It will, by definition.)
Have the results peer-reviewed.Use only people who agree with your explanation to peer review
Publish the results in a high-quality journal.Publish results in a journal which allows this practice
Have independent people repeat the experiment or test the hypothesis with another methodDon’t attempt to repeat of disprove your theory
Welcome critical voices and challenges‘Cancel’ anyone who disagrees and accuse them of racism/sexism.
Publish the widely accepted explanation (theory)Act as though your earlier publication has been widely verified.