Violence against men&boys

This page provides information to help the campaign for a ‘Violence against Men and Boys’ (VAMB) Strategy in the UK. This campaign results from the publication (*March 2022) of this document which was originally called: ‘Supporting male victims of crimes considered violence against women and girls’. (see a copy here). This version was taken down in May and replaced by this one:

Supporting male victims: Position statement on male victims of crimes considered in the cross-government Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy and the Tackling Domestic Abuse Plan. It’s the same document with a different title.

GPUK considers that getting a parallel VAMB strategy may be a relatively ‘easy win’ as there is so much support for it. Please write to your MP asking for their support or to the minister.

Template letter to send to your MP.

Find your MP’s email etc here

The relevant minister is Rachel Maclean MP. Minister for Safeguarding. Her office email is

Discussion on LBC radio with Natasha Devon and Ally Fogg. Choose the Saturday edition (start at 1hr05)

Good item on Radio 4 ‘Today’. Wed 6th April 2022, Including Victim’s Commissioner, Vera Baird. (start at 2hr40  about 10 mins)

Article by Vera Baird, The Victims’ Commissioner criticises the Home Office document on male victims as “devoid of ambition” and “disappointing in the extreme”.

Supportive tweet by Clare Waxman, London Victim’s Commissioner.

Short video explaining how we got here. 4mins50

The Men and Boys Coalition invites you to join us in calling upon the UK government to adopt a National Strategy on Intimate Violence Against Men and Boys.